John Hayden Writes

Welcome to my Blog !

Born in Finglas, Dublin, Ireland. I spent most of my working life thus far in construction. At eighteen I penned my first poem, now in my fifty first year, with my family reared I have wrote hundreds of poems. In my cabin out the backyard where I write in serenity, the peace allows my creative mind to flow and I do most of my writing from there. Writing is about the most passionate thing I’ve ever undertaken, except for my family.

Back in 2004, I fell ill and was home-bound for over a year, during this time I captured the essence of three stories. I eventually published two books on Smashwords and Amazon in 2012 and 2013. I pushed them out; half paralyzed by the fear of my illness recurring and Just to have some of my work out there in case it did. Gracefully I sit here in 2017 and pen my new Bio. I have since retracted those two books, to bring them through a proper editorial process. Here on this site I will keep you informed of their progress. I have also got a real life story on the go, I have been adding to this story for sixteen years and it is bound to come to a conclusion soon, I will post details here when it’s ready to go.

Following publishing my other two books, I was preparing the third tale for publishing. It was when I took my first note about this third tale, which was to let the reader know where a certain manuscript came from. This note; 0001 turned into my present 90,000+ word novel. I had no idea at the start, then decided, ‘right this manuscript has to be of Celtic origin. From there the tale unfolded, I have never been more consumed about anything than this novel. I finished the first draft Feb 2015; after two – three years writing, since then I have put it through a rigorous process to make it the best I can. I will be posting excerpts and articles about and around my novel here SOON!


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