Never Give up

by John Hayden

Life is difficult
New problems everyday
We have to face them head on
They won’t just go away

Some try to blank them out
With drugs or alcohol
But given up on life
Is not a problem solved

For life is a precious gift
We must fight to see it through
There’s no point on given up
Just because your blue

Keep your chin up, battle on
Take life by the scruff
Everyday is a new beginning
So never, never give up

by John Hayden
All Rights Reserved, Copyright©2014 John Hayden




On realising that we have stepped into a new year, it almost opened a door for anxiety to creep in. Where does it go? It only seemed like yesterday when I said, I will have my first Draft of my novel ready in time for Christmas. That was mentioned in the summer and although I have made progress, I have been barraged with distractions. One can expect such distractions when they have a young family or are caught up in a busy environment. When we finally get that elusive space to write, it seems as if we often deliver our own distractions. It is important to take charge in these instances, as we would ask others not to disturb or distract us, we must equally be strict on our own selves. Easier said than done I hear you say. The truth is; without distractions the creative mind is allowed to flow freely. It is from this vantage point that we can achieve our potential.