Free Yourself

Free Yourself

A whirlpool of nasty thoughts
Rushing through my mind
On becoming aware of them
With erupting emotions combined
In the midst of this madness
A glimpse of light appears
Instantaneously dispelling
Almost all my related fears
Contradictory thoughts
Quelling my emotional outburst
My self observation
Is now putting me first
For years I was trapped
In that whirlpool of thoughts
For years one side of my mind
With the other side fought
The bad thoughts manifesting
Taking over my head
Quiet desperation
No words said
Holding those emotions
Brought cancer to me
Emotional blocks in my system
Energy not flowing free
Awareness releasing me
From bondage and misery
Wasn’t blind but couldn’t see
It feels good being free

John Hayden 2007


Empathy Quote

“Empathy; a million miles away from actual experience, but the closest thing to it.”
John Hayden

A Druid Carved in timber.

In the midst of Ireland and reaching almost 600 feet above sea level, is the Hill of Druids. Our ancient ancestors held this place as sacred. It is said that the Tuatha Dé Danann (Tribe of Gods) went underground here after their battles with the Milesians. The Goddess Erui, who gave her name to our island is said to be buried beneath the cat-stone. It has also been said that there is a magic lake beneath the hill of Uisneach, a lake where the Tuatha De Dannan bathe, and the water can rejuvenate them and keep them immortal.
Some of the Irish folklore is quite interesting, and their story telling is magical in its essence. Stories passed from generation to generation, going back to a time of intrigue and enchantment.