Have you ever noticed that each day can deliver its own frame of mind, depending on what it is, that you have going on in your life at that time. If there is good stuff happening, then the chances are you will be in a good frame of mind, the converse is usually true also.

Do we have any say?

For instance if things are not so good right now, is it possible to be in a good frame of mind, without any action on your part or does the frame of mind naturally flow in the same direction as your present state of affairs.

I am a firm believer that we create our own destiny (to a degree). Today I have reached my destiny, nothing too exciting, in fact it’s just another ordinary day. I ask myself, Did I play any part in this being a routine day, could I have changed the outlook for today if I had of done things differently yesterday or the preceding days, weeks, months…? The answer has to be yes, an emphatic yes! There are any number of things I could have done differently in recent times, things that would have changed the outlook for today.

If I make changes today, they will create a different tomorrow. Hey I like some of the stuff that’s going down today, that helps me to define those things which I am not so happy about. These are the only parts of today that I would like to change, the things that I’m not happy with.

Today is the beginning of the rest of my days, I can do things today to change the outcome of things down the road. I can do things which will have a definitive impact on my frame of mind in all my tomorrows. The choice is mine, I can choose to make a change. I can choose to be in a good mood, even in the face of adversity. Choosing to be cheerful at the beginning of each day is a good start, it’s like a healthy choice of breakfast for my mind.



Letting go

My baby girl turned a big  Eighteen over the weekend. It only seems like yesterday, she was a little three year old running and playing and wrapping her dad around her little finger. Feelings are mixed about whether it is a good thing or not. I suppose I’m just being selfish, not wanting my baby girl to step into adulthood. Why do we want to hold on them as children forever? There are far more good points, the most poignant being that she is healthy, strong and still studying hard, looking forward to her future. She is the youngest of my three beautiful daughters, as a little girl I remember saying to her to follow her two elder sisters, but not too closely so that she could avoid their pitfalls. She done that alright, now here she stands in front of us an adult.

Some people say that’s it, their job is done, once their child turns eighteen. For me, that’s the first part of the equation done, but it doesn’t stop there. I have heard elderly folk saying you never stop being there for your children. I look around me and see big grown ups, in their thirties, forties and fifties still living with their parents. There is no shame in that, I am one of those people who would be quite content if my children decided to stay at home after they became independent. At the same time I have to accept that they are individuals, with life ambitions of their own.

It feels like the first major point of letting go, and that’s the part that doesn’t feel so good. She will start University soon and then the time she spends at home will diminish. The dawning of a new era for her and us. We still have a few years before our son reaches the age, but those years keep on rolling. Somehow it will be easier to accept my son reaching the age, than it has been with my daughters and I suppose that’s only natural or is it?

Springtime in Edinburgh

Springtime in Edinburgh

Snowflakes tossing and twirling
Outside my window pane
Fluffy flakes of crystal white
Accumulate on the frame

My hotel room so cosy
I step outside to smoke
A black snowflake caught my eye
Made me almost choke

I’m new to Scottish weather
The sun scorched the day before
But black snowflakes don’t exist
Not even here I’m sure

Upon closer inspection
To ascertain the truth
Wiping my eyes in disbelief
For this I would dispute

I watched this black snowflake
It wasn’t hard to follow
Weaving back and forth
Now parts of it seemed yellow

It was as real as anything
There before my eyes
Moving ever closer
But then I realised

It was not a snowflake after all
That which my eyes did see
Springtime here in Scotland
Brought forth a bumble bee

John Hayden 3rd April 2012

Hello People!

I step outside on this spring morning, sip from my hot, fresh coffee and wonder. What will I write for my first blog?

After several breaths of crisp spring air and a couple more sips of coffee, I decided to write about NOW.

This time of year has always been special to me. Springtime is the start, the beginning for many plants and animals and has always had that sense of newness about it. When I was brick and stone laying most of my years, springtime always brought that feeling of new life or zest inside me. After roughing it through a bad winter, spring was the promise of rejuvenation.

The time of year when seeds sprout, when trees bud, when the first daffodils begin to form yellow verges on the motorways and bring life to dreary gardens.

The Beginning!

This past few years life has taken a new course, bricklaying is no longer an option. I have been indulging in what I would call, my passion, writing. I have been writing poetry for yonks, it seems to ooze out of me. I picked up on some stories, which I had begun writing a number of years before and published a couple of ebooks. I have joined social media groups, where we discuss all things relevant to writing. A whole new world seems to be opening up in front of me. My creative seeds are sprouting, seeds of passion pushing their feeble green sprouts through the soil, seeking the spring sunshine and showers to nurture them, to set them on the way to their true potential.

My second coffee drew me into contemplation, eureka! A realisation.

The seeds of the ground and the seeds of mind are similar, If they are nurtured they will thrive, if they are neglected they will wither. While looking at a sprouting daffodil, my mind wonders,

“Will it make it to its true potential, will it blossom into a beautiful flowering daffodil? What forces could stop it from reaching its full potential?”

At this point my head starts to throw up possibilities, things which could and would prevent this flower from having a full and wonderful expression of life, I won’t go into them, I’m sure you can arrive with your own possibilities.

This brought me to the seeds of mind and I asked the same question,

“Will they make it to their true potential, will they blossom into beautiful pieces of writing? What forces could stop them from reaching their true potential?”

There it was, right in front of me, the answer. It was different to the external forces which could inhibit the daffodil and stop the flower from having a full life. The daffodil would be nurtured by the sun shining its light on it and by the clouds pouring rain on it. The seeds of mind would be nurtured by my attention to them, if I would shine the light of my consciousness upon those creative seeds and vanquish their thirst with my passion, then they would have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Thank goodness for spring, thank goodness for new beginnings.

Wild daffodil Deutsch: Gelbe Narzisse Español:...
Wild daffodil Deutsch: Gelbe Narzisse Español: Narziso salvaje Français : Une jonquille sauvage 日本語: ラッパスイセン Русский: Дикий нарцисс ‪中文(简体)‬: 黄水仙 ‪中文(繁體)‬: 黃水仙 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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