My left hand



Born in fair old Dublin

Just like Christy Brown

He became a cage warrior

When he first knocked Campbell down


Then he turned professional

In the year two thousand and eight

When he beat Gary Norris

He thought that he was great


After joining the Straight Blast Gym

Under John Kavanagh

Conor went from strength to strength

As he shone just like a star


He fought in Letterkenny

In County Donegal

Four seconds is all it took

To make his opponent fall


A crushing blow to the chin

Nobody can withstand

The power and precision

Of McGregor’s left hand


Fourteen straight wins

Including twelve TKO’s

He just keeps on winning

Everywhere he goes


Jose Aldo,

Crushed with one blow

When Conor decided

To let his left go


The world champion

And Celtic warrior

Irish and proud

That’s for sure


We’re not here to take part

We’re here to take over

Notorious famous words

Resounding the world over


A son of Ireland

Went to the states

Then put his name in neon

Along with all the greats


Congratulations Conor

You made us here proud

In the emerald isle

Your country has bowed


John Hayden© 2015



Conor, Son of Ireland

McGregor ya Bhoy

Brought a tear to my eye

When you answered the last call

Of a dying Irish boy

McGregor ya man

Showed us you can

Stand up to your word

With the support of Ireland

Every young lad

Aspires to be you

They watch and listen

To what you say and do

My son awoke me

At half past four

With a gentle knock

On my bedroom door

Dad he said,

The fight is on soon

I jumped out of bed

With that feeling of Boom

He brought life to my being

In those early hours

And only because

That moment was ours

He waited all night

To watch your fight

He hung out the flag

But not to brag

Just proud to be

As Irish as me

We sat and watched

A moment of glee

Josie Aldo didn’t know

Who could have reckoned

Smashed with that mighty left blow

In the thirteenth second

Respect to you

For doing what you do

It never came easy

My son knows that too

Inspiration to the young lads

Of our Ireland

Who tonight and for always

Behind you they stand

Conor, will you back them?

Those young lads of Ireland

Who march on forward

Trying to find where they stand

A new approach

Has just begun

To create the great

In every Irish son

We would truly love

To have you on board

To give them the knowledge

That you can afford

To help them to find

Their own true niche

Not looking for money

Just McGregor’s own speech

If you tell them they can do it

You could help pull them through it

This darkness that shrouds

So many of our young men

Drugs, hatred and crimes

Masters of their times

Like the flowing of our daily tides

Delivers death, and too many suicides

Son of Ireland,

Your brothers await

For you to show them

How to Create their Great

John Hayden ©2015


Angel’s Whisper

Angel’s Whisper


She heard them say

Her dad was dying

He hadn’t long to live

She ran to his bedside

There was something

She had to give


She wrapped her arms

Around his neck

As a thousand times before

Only this time

It was different

It meant just so much more


She hugged him

Very tightly

With her tender little arms

She lifted up

His spirit

With her magic little charms


She whispered

In her daddy’s ear

Are you going to leave me?

A teardrop trickled

From her eye

Crying, daddy don’t you need me?


I thought that you

Would see me grow

Into a young lady

Her dad said

Dry your tears

I’ll never leave my baby


When he was left alone

In the solace

Of the night

Thinking over

In his mind

He knew he had a choice


A choice to give up

Lay down

Throw in the towel

Or live

Every last moment

That he was around


She made his choice

So easy

He set himself that goal

From this moment


I’ll live til that last toll


The doctors gave him

Months to live

Sometimes they get it wrong

That little angel whisper

Gave him the will

To carry on


John Hayden ©2013