Another soul lost, to the cold and the frost

When does this become a disgrace?

The government won’t help, ever how hard they yelp

Because they have no face


No face that matters or one that shatters

Their illusion of that which is

No it’s not alright to sleep rough every night

These are things they seem to dismiss


This soul in the gutter had no words to utter

Cause nobody wanted to listen

They just lost their road and their abode

Maybe that’s all that was missing


It could be you or me, in a future we don’t see

Where we fall by the wayside

Where no one will know us, nor greet us or show us

A better place to reside


What would you do if that was you

No seriously just pause for a moment

You’ve nowhere to go, your life has no glow

Your head is filled with torment


We are all just human, no more and no less

There’s no one alive who deserves that unrest

Even locked up evil people, in their cells have their beds

Everyone bar our homeless have a place to rest their heads


John Hayden 2017