At eighteen I penned my first poem, now in my fifty first year, with my family reared, I have penned hundreds of poems. In my cabin out the backyard where I write in serenity, the peace allows my creative mind to flow and I do most of my writing from there. Writing is about the most passionate thing I’ve ever undertaken. I also write fiction and none fiction stories. My debut novel ‘A Druid’s Legacy’ will be published later in 2017, can’t wait. I was going to publish the novel first but decided to publish my first volume of Poetry instead. I have been mulling over which poems are right for this volume over the past couple of years. I am glad to be finished that process and happy to publish some of my most intimate insights in the form of Poetry.


While observing the mind’s workings

In the midst of my deepest dread

Then watching the dramas unfold

On the screen inside my head


Vacuumed to the darkest place

It would be less painful to be dead

I stepped from pain to passion

And wrote this book instead.

             63 POEMS


To be published Summer 2017


No more smoking


Smoking, choking lungs and veins

Blocking hearts and causing pains

Numbness in the arms and legs

Some are left with stumps or pegs


Folks left tilted after strokes

Zombied lives because of smokes

Parts removed with balls of cancer

It is time to make a stance sir!


All Rights Reserved Copyright©2017John Hayden

Hospitable Hospital

Beaumont my friend

When I hit my lowest point

Took me into your clutches

Caring staff so kind


All my thoughts just assumptions

Running, dashing through my head

Truths spoken from a doctor

Assumptions no longer being fed


Longer days than I remember

Nothing to do bar think and rest

All the staff in their daily doings

In our health their time they invest


Spending their time passionately helping

Raising the sick back to health

Beautiful people always striving

For patients from poverty and wealth


Under paid and over worked

Barely time for their own stuff

They keep smiling, keep on giving

Like they can’t give enough


All Rights Reserved Copyright©2017John Hayden