63 Poems Watchers of the MIND

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A Poem a day for one week from my new book

The 7th and last Poem


Cancer survivor


Uncertain about what was wrong

Procrastinating all along

On what I hear and read about

All the time just casting doubt


One doc says its all ok

Just take this, it’ll go away

I try his remedy and many more

But still there’s something wrong, it’s sore


A second opinion the only choice

The answer this time is not so nice

They say the bold word empathically

A jail term incurs, now I’m not free


Days before they operate

Self esteem just wasn’t great

The evening sun up on the parapet

Think some more, another cigarette


I have to make it for my children and wife

If only to allow them a better life

I cannot leave them where they are

My children will not go very far


But what if this is it, the end of the road

I’m going to rest in my final abode

No matter what there’s one thing for sure

I can only accept whatever it’ll will incur


I’m not going to worry my self to death

A conscience clear, has no need to fret

My body, my vehicle, may well break down

But my spirit in truth has no need to frown


My spirit rose and saved me

At the mercy of the big C

Turboed by my wife and children

And some friends and family


Find your reason to go on

Then believe with all you’ve got

That you will be there to see it through

But know it won’t change things, if your not.


Twelve years on I publish this poem

Through the grace of GOD my energy’s still flowing

I think it’s back with each ache and pain

But those kind of thoughts could drive me insane


All those aches I felt long before the cancer

They’re just normal, of that I am sure

I have no worries, each day is a gift

It’s my own duty to give my spirit a lift


A raised spirit holds so much strength

I held my faith without relent

With the angels above and by my side

No fear, anguish or anxieties to hide


A message for you who got the bad news

I’m either lucky or blessed to still stand in my shoes

I never gave up, I held faith in my heart

To my surprise I was given a new start.


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