63 Poems Watchers of the MIND

A Poem a day for one week from my new book

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The one I see myself to be


The one I see myself to be, is not the real me

In the midst of this realisation, my spirit is set free

Just for that moment, I know who I am

My thoughts dissipate, myself feels so calm


Present enough to witness, a connection with all

No thoughts reside here, just a homecoming call

A call so subtle, without any voice

With an eminating warmth, so peaceful and nice


I could stay for eternity, with my true self

Where needs, wants and urges, are never ever felt

With a call from the wilderness, I’m distracted from grace

My wondering mind; it begins to race


Thrown back into, the realms of my mind

Brought to a place, that’s not so kind

Emotions surge, from restless thinking

A risen spirit, now it’s sinking


Drawn into the depths of my deepest dread

It’s drama running, playing in my head

Resounding thoughts, with negative impact

Run roughshod, on their illusive, internal track


It’s these types of thoughts, that bring people to ruin

It captures their soul, in a cast iron balloon

Can bring you crumbling, to your knees in pain

And send a good mind, to a place called insane


I rememebered grace, as I lavished in anguish

A beautiful place of joy and pure bliss

Wishing I was there, freed in spirit again

Instead of trapped here, in the realm of men.




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