1916 The GPO

1916 The GPO

The GPO stood proud that day
Cold cast stone of blackish grey
British authorities evicted at last
A handful of men achieved that task

They held that fort and duly waited
To meet the wrath of the foe they hated
All fear lost in a courageous stance
A bullet in the pocket their only chance

Celtic warriors, no less were they
Behind the walls of the GPO’s facade
Expecting retaliation of a full British force
In their prime they had lived a full life’s course

They’d spill their blood to free our land
Though this would be their crucial stand
Thundering rolls of cannons on the cobble stone
The ferocity of the force to face not yet known

Holding tight onto their meager gun
Each bullet must count for they had but one
The British turned up in force outside
Their objective but one, to save their pride

They blasted many rounds of gunshot fire
Cannon balls enforcing their empire
The Irish, they just let them blast away
With single shots they made the British pay

John Hayden 2016


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