My left hand



Born in fair old Dublin

Just like Christy Brown

He became a cage warrior

When he first knocked Campbell down


Then he turned professional

In the year two thousand and eight

When he beat Gary Norris

He thought that he was great


After joining the Straight Blast Gym

Under John Kavanagh

Conor went from strength to strength

As he shone just like a star


He fought in Letterkenny

In County Donegal

Four seconds is all it took

To make his opponent fall


A crushing blow to the chin

Nobody can withstand

The power and precision

Of McGregor’s left hand


Fourteen straight wins

Including twelve TKO’s

He just keeps on winning

Everywhere he goes


Jose Aldo,

Crushed with one blow

When Conor decided

To let his left go


The world champion

And Celtic warrior

Irish and proud

That’s for sure


We’re not here to take part

We’re here to take over

Notorious famous words

Resounding the world over


A son of Ireland

Went to the states

Then put his name in neon

Along with all the greats


Congratulations Conor

You made us here proud

In the emerald isle

Your country has bowed


John Hayden© 2015



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