Angel’s Whisper

Angel’s Whisper


She heard them say

Her dad was dying

He hadn’t long to live

She ran to his bedside

There was something

She had to give


She wrapped her arms

Around his neck

As a thousand times before

Only this time

It was different

It meant just so much more


She hugged him

Very tightly

With her tender little arms

She lifted up

His spirit

With her magic little charms


She whispered

In her daddy’s ear

Are you going to leave me?

A teardrop trickled

From her eye

Crying, daddy don’t you need me?


I thought that you

Would see me grow

Into a young lady

Her dad said

Dry your tears

I’ll never leave my baby


When he was left alone

In the solace

Of the night

Thinking over

In his mind

He knew he had a choice


A choice to give up

Lay down

Throw in the towel

Or live

Every last moment

That he was around


She made his choice

So easy

He set himself that goal

From this moment


I’ll live til that last toll


The doctors gave him

Months to live

Sometimes they get it wrong

That little angel whisper

Gave him the will

To carry on


John Hayden ©2013


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