My Inner Child

The tree of knowledge both good and evil

Resides in the human mind

Authentic love, and true compassion

Lay in our heart so kind

While looking at the dark side

Beneath a beam of light

I found a frightened child wandering

In the midst of the night

Upon communications, with this frightened boy

I asked him lots of questions about being so coy

On observation of his actions he seemed willing to know

About this here life, where he was too frightened to go

He told me of his loneliness, and said he needed love

He was sent to express emotions through me, from Heaven above

Some things which he was saying, I could not understand

But he was saying something about, a single grain of sand

One grain of sand from all the beaches in this world

Is larger than the earth in the universe for sure

We consist of six billion particles to form one human race

Who won’t altogether, look GOD in His Face?

Division of cultures, no unification

The world is one place for your information

A global village; a splash in the oceans

A particle of greatness without our notions

We’re oblivious creatures, too blind to see

Through this illusion, lies reality

Step out of your mind and know its workings

For what goes on there end up as your things

I invited him to come with me, for experience of life

He spoke through me to people, including my kids, and wife

Sometimes I’d be blown away listening to the words he spoke

Or find myself laughing at some internal joke

We’re always together now, but mostly in this world

In the direction of my evolutionary goal, I am now being hurled

He said we’re destined to evolve, into our spiritual natures

The same path lies ahead of numerous other creatures

World Wars 1, and 2, were exacerbated by colonialism

Let everyone share the land and alleviate nepotism

Distribute the wealth and alleviate poverty

Seek out your inner child and bring about some sanity

John Hayden  2008 All Rights Reserved


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