Who am I

I am a prisoner of my own manifestation
My freedom stolen by an egoic mutation
I am trying to connect with my mortal being
It is through my eyes that ‘I’ should be seeing

I am the love, the peace, the truth, and the joy
A particle of the Great One way up high
I am the one who put form to this flesh
I am a part of all divine greatness

I don’t know my true self ,we have seldom met
I have mortal senses with some regret
I find myself in search of the truth
A quest of mine since back in my youth

I have fallen to the will of the ego with all of humankind
Desires, fears, and compulsions, dominating states of mind
Controlling lives, and societies, inducing more pain
Suicidal tendencies, and people going insane

I am the spiritual being , who my form is representing
I want to step inside, but the ego is preventing
I cannot intervene in my conscious mind’s free will
If the mind chooses temporary happiness, the ego fit’s the bill

Everyone is searching for something, to fill that empty void
They don’t realise their looking for something that is not outside
Filling their world with everything bringing artificial joy
Setting themselves up to fall down from that big high

I analyse myself, for I should know if I lie
I have my true self watching the workings of my mind
It’s a different type of watching, looking down into my head
My observations make me aware of everything thought and said

I’m aware of my desires, my fears and my compulsions
I now have the choice not to follow my impulsion’s
I’m gradually wearing down the stronghold of my ego
It wants to stay in control, reluctant to let go

It fights and kicks to stay alive with parasitic intention
It’s only wish is to thrive and stay alive to collect it’s pension
Too many people are unaware of how much control it grasps
It keeps your mind occupied in the future or the past

It steps in when your not busy, throwing something into the equation
It’s always prepared appropriately in every situation
It acts as fast as lightening, taking control within a flash
If your not duly watching prepare for some backlash

When you are observing your thoughts and your emotions
Never be judgmental in any of your notions
Do not react in any way to any of your observations
Just the act of watching reduces egoic domination’s

It’s only when I deflate my ego that I can see who I am
It’s only in these moments that my life is truly calm
All my senses heightened, my mind in dual dimensions
I know now who I am; your choice can reduce your sentence

John Hayden 2010 All rights reserved


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