My New Novel; ‘A Druid’s Tale’

Having just finished the first draft of my novel, Yippee! You think you’ve done all the work, well it’s just begun.
Here I am after the arduous journey of completing the first draft, now I find myself sifting through, close to one hundred thousand words. A daunting task, but it has to be done before I get a professional editor to polish up my work. After that I have to decide on the cover and then the publisher.

When all that’s done I’ll be caught up in the buzz creation, that seems to be the next part of the process that I look forward to. Readings, interviews… It’s only after all this process that I will get a true reading of whether people like my novel or not. That’s it, that’s what keeps me going. Just that wondering, am I a good writer or not. It’s the time when the real truths are revealed. All the way up to this point your paying people for their service and opinion, after this point people are paying you, these are the real guys, the ones who won’t fear giving you the downright truth, because they have nothing to lose.

‘A Druid’s Tale’
A Glimpse;
During the winter of 367 AD the Celts by now pushed to Ireland and Scotland, predominantly. Knew that Christianity was sweeping through mainland Europe and Britain. They had observed the power of this new faith and the wrath of Constantine’s push, from 30 years beforehand to crush paganism. The Pict’s, (Celts from Scotland) joined forces with their brothers from Ireland, Britain and Europe to take advantage of the otherwise busied Roman Empire. They made moves on Roman garrisons in the Gaul and Britain, starting from Hadrian’s wall, where the Roman commander and his men turned coat and joined forces with the Celts to go against the Roman army in these areas. The Celtic priests (Druids) had foreseen the outcome during a divination ritual, held by the nine elder druids. They foresee the Roman Empire striking back and driving the Celts and their allies to their borders. The druids knew the Roman Empire would take back Britain and the Gaul, and although they hadn’t taken Ireland, this might encourage them to take over Ireland and Scotland. If this was the case, they knew that their culture would be wiped out. Their people would be forced to join the new faith or die. They didn’t fear dying but rather feared losing the accumulated knowledge which had passed from generation to generation back since the the beginning.


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