The Void

The winter void
Dormant seeds lay still inside
Waiting to be awoken

A time of year
When things seem to disappear
Until the day has broken

Although the days are colder
Each one makes me older
The darkest one has fallen

From this day and after night
Each day brings a touch more light
Springtime is now calling

Those dormant seeds
May stretch their leaves
Reaching for the sunshine

The seeds of mind
May even find
Nurturing of a kind

The consciousness of life
At this time is rife
Ready for manifesting

As things appear in newness
As fresh in their cuteness
lifeforce surging

Can feel the sense enlivened
Receptor of what is, now heightened
Seeds of mind are urging

Creation unfolds beauty
The perceivers cannot see
lense smeared with life troubles

Concepts of a destiny
mind and body, oh so free
Dramas kept in bubbles

Time for deliverance
Nothing rests alone on chance
My choices guiding me

In the springtime of my mind
Nurtured seeds will duly find
That life force energy.

John Hayden Copyright©2014 All rights reserved


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