Have you ever noticed that each day can deliver its own frame of mind, depending on what it is, that you have going on in your life at that time. If there is good stuff happening, then the chances are you will be in a good frame of mind, the converse is usually true also.

Do we have any say?

For instance if things are not so good right now, is it possible to be in a good frame of mind, without any action on your part or does the frame of mind naturally flow in the same direction as your present state of affairs.

I am a firm believer that we create our own destiny (to a degree). Today I have reached my destiny, nothing too exciting, in fact it’s just another ordinary day. I ask myself, Did I play any part in this being a routine day, could I have changed the outlook for today if I had of done things differently yesterday or the preceding days, weeks, months…? The answer has to be yes, an emphatic yes! There are any number of things I could have done differently in recent times, things that would have changed the outlook for today.

If I make changes today, they will create a different tomorrow. Hey I like some of the stuff that’s going down today, that helps me to define those things which I am not so happy about. These are the only parts of today that I would like to change, the things that I’m not happy with.

Today is the beginning of the rest of my days, I can do things today to change the outcome of things down the road. I can do things which will have a definitive impact on my frame of mind in all my tomorrows. The choice is mine, I can choose to make a change. I can choose to be in a good mood, even in the face of adversity. Choosing to be cheerful at the beginning of each day is a good start, it’s like a healthy choice of breakfast for my mind.



3 thoughts on “FRAMES OF MIND

  1. This John is what I call cultivating a positive frame of mind. I do it all the time. I wouldn’t be too keen though on reviewing the past and thinking how I could have done things differently. The past is gone. Let it go. What matters is the present moment. That’s where you need to concentrate the idea of thinking positive. Let the future look after itself, I always say. Yesterday is history. The future doesn’t exist. The now is all we have. Let’s enjoy it and soak every tiny trace of joy and satisfaction from the present.


    1. That’s true Paddy, It’s necessary to cultivate a positive frame of mind. I am present most of the time and generally optimistic in my endeavours. I have noticed down times and was just playing with the concept of reverting that frame of mind to a more uplifting one. It actually works. Especially in the morning, I suppose we could look at the morning as the seed of the day. If the seed is of a good nature and nurtured the day has a better chance of being a good day. The present is what matters, as you said. It’s all that truly is. The present moment as it is, is all that is truly real.


      1. I agree with John I think there are a lot of ism’s out there now which focus on the here and now. However for some of us a life unexplored can be like one unexplained. The nature of human beings is to explore be inquisitive and at a young age be creative.
        Some of us lose our creativity and passion at a young age but why I ask?

        Is it the  systems
        Such as education
        Which cause divides and seperation?

        The models of hierarchy
        Built with rigid structure
        Designed to teach
        Where is the nurture
        bring us back into the future.

        Instead of teaching you to listen
        Allow us understand what we are missin
        Get involved instead of dissin

        Dissin this and this and that
        Missing out but missing what
        The chance to be the teachers swat

        A swat is what
        One who achieves
        The one who gets
        The A’s sand B’s

        The rest of us
        Did not believe
        Our ability to achieve
        Which resulted in D’s and E’s

        These D’s and E’s
        Can cause this ease
        When not treated right
        Could manifest into disease.


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