Springtime in Edinburgh

Springtime in Edinburgh

Snowflakes tossing and twirling
Outside my window pane
Fluffy flakes of crystal white
Accumulate on the frame

My hotel room so cosy
I step outside to smoke
A black snowflake caught my eye
Made me almost choke

I’m new to Scottish weather
The sun scorched the day before
But black snowflakes don’t exist
Not even here I’m sure

Upon closer inspection
To ascertain the truth
Wiping my eyes in disbelief
For this I would dispute

I watched this black snowflake
It wasn’t hard to follow
Weaving back and forth
Now parts of it seemed yellow

It was as real as anything
There before my eyes
Moving ever closer
But then I realised

It was not a snowflake after all
That which my eyes did see
Springtime here in Scotland
Brought forth a bumble bee

John Hayden 3rd April 2012


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